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In July 2013, Buckeye Hills – Hocking Valley Regional Development District became one of five non-MPO regional councils in Ohio taking part in a new two year ODOT pilot program to estabilish Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) in Ohio.  The purpose of this pilot program is to provide the rural areas of Ohio that are not within the service boundaries of a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) a method by which to provide meaningful input to transportation planning activities taking place in Ohio.

This two year pilot program is a result of the increased levels of coordination required between Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and local governments as outlined in the most recent surface transportation bill signed in to law during July 2012, MAP 21.  This bill also gives states the flexibility to create RTPOs as they see fit in order to advance transportation planning activities.

As part of this program, Buckeye Hills will be completing a two year scope of work for the Ohio Department of Transportation which includes the following items:

– The creation and adoption of a Public Participation Plan;
– The creation and adoption of a Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan document;
– The moderation of an ongoing and inclusive public involvement and outreach process.

As part of the scope of work, Buckeye Hills will be working with local citizens, elected officials, and other partners to organize two advisory committees that will provide input during the planning process.

– The Technical Advisory Committee is a body to be composed of local officials or other citizens with relevant experience or expertise in technical fields related to any mode of transportation. Technical Advisory Committee members provide directed feedback, advice, and oversight on issues such as best practices, accepted design and construction methods, policy, and methodology.

– The Citizen Advisory Committee is a body made up of individuals representing contingencies within the population of Buckeye Hills including, neighborhood organizations, clubs and outdoor organizations, special interests, environmental groups, and other groups with an interest in any mode of transportation.

These committees will provide input to the Policy Committee of Buckeye Hills which is composed of public and private representatives from across the region. The Policy Committee is charged with taking action on all RTPO documents, policies, and other activities.

Citizens from every area within the region will be given the opportunity to participate in this planning process through public meetings, committees, online interaction, as well as personal intreaction with Buckeye Hills staff.

The pilot program concludes in June 2015 with the finalization and adoption of the Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan.

For further information about the Regional Transportation Planning activities at Buckeye Hills or information about how you can get involved, please contact Transportation Planning Manager Karen Pawloski, or Development Director Bret Allphin.

Buckeye Hills RTPO Program – Press Release (PDF 102kb)

Buckeye Hills RTPO Scope of Work 2013-2015 (PDF 182kb)