Sidewalk Status

Buckeye Hills has documented the existence of the region’s sidewalks, using the latest aerial imagery from the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program, last flown in 2014. Sidewalk status is tied to the road centerline and is simply a record of whether it exists, and if so, whether it is one one side of the road or both. Buckeye Hills has also captured the existence of crosswalks, when they can be seen, and if they are at the intersection or mid-block. This data is not meant for detailed analysis but large-scale planning. If more detailed information is required or if you have questions about the data, contact Buckeye Hills’ RTPO staff to discuss this further.

Below, pink lines indicate the absence of sidewalks along the road, orange lines indicate sidewalks on one side, and green lines indicate sidewalk on both sides. Yellow points denote crosswalks at intersections and red points mid-block crosswalks. Road data in the map may not line up perfectly with the sidewalk data and is only meant for reference.