State Traffic Station Data – Traffic Counts 2014

Annual traffic counts for cars and trucks are generated on an annual basis for all Ohio Interstates, US and State Highway system routes. These counts are generated from short term and permanent traffic stations. In the map below, short term stations are classified as type ‘S’ and permanent stations are type ‘P.’

For further information on state system traffic stations please contact ODOT.

Local Traffic Station Data – Traffic Counts 2014

In addition to traffic counts for state and federal highway infrastructure, ODOT also collects periodic traffic counts on local roadways in order to comply with FHWA Highway Monitoring Performance System (HPMS) requirements, and for use in safety studies and other projects.

For further information on local traffic counts please contact ODOT.

BH Traffic Count Data – Counts Through 2016

In 2016 Buckeye Hills began performing simple traffic counts at the request of our members. If you would like to request such a count, please fill out the survey here.